2022 AACBS Annual Scientific & General Meeting will be held on 26 November 2022 at Club Central Hurstville. Program



Objectives are to

Promote national collaboration in biomedical research and support career development of the AACBS members in Australia;

Enhance international collaboration on biomedical research, especially between Australia and China; 

Promote awareness of cutting edge progress in biomedical research; exchange and update the information about Biological medical Sciences and health-related issues; and enhance popularisation of biological and medical knowledge.  


The principle activities of the association will be:

Organising activities in the field of biomedical science in Australia and/or in China including symposiums, seminars, conferences, learning courses, workshop, etc. 

Providing and circulating the information related to biomedical research and helping establishment of links for visiting scholars between Australia and China; 

Exchanging up-to-date information in Biomedical Sciences within the association; 

Promoting communications with other organisations nationally and internationally; 

Fundraising for supporting AACBS members in Biomedical Research.