2016 AACBS The Combined Annual General Meeting and the 10th Scientific Meeting was successfully held at St George Research and Education Centre on 16 Oct 2016.




澳洲华人生物医学科学家协会建于2008年, 是以澳大利亚悉尼为基地的、独立的专业性学术团体。设有专家委员会、科研协作中心、人才交流基地、专家论坛及学术俱乐部。学会的中坚力量来自于二十多个以华人学者为领导的生物医学单位和研究小组, 这些小组主要分布于悉民大学,新南威尔士大学, 纽卡斯尔大学,卧龙岗大学,悉尼科技大学,麦觉利大学和西悉尼大学。目前学会有近七十名注册成员。





协会现由新南威尔士大学李勇副教授担任会长, 学会致力与各界人士和各领域科学研究学者加强联系,开展多种活动, 欢迎更多的生物医学科学专业研究人员了解和参加AACBS。如想了解更多的学会信息, 请联系李勇( 会长, 张素冰副会长(或 齐延飞公共关系部主任( 或 微信号 jacob0387)。


The Australian Association for Chinese Biomedical Scientists (AACBS) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting Chinese-Australian scientists working in the biomedical field in Australia.  We currently have around 60-70 members from a variety of medical research fields in NSW. A majority of our members are well-established scientists at leading research institutions, universities and hospitals, often fully qualified doctors from China who also hold Australian doctorates.  

Our vision is to establish a network of support for Chinese scientists in Australia, as well as promote cross-cultural links between China and Australia. We are committed to helping out young research students and early-career scientists in the field of biomedical research, mentoring them to develop their own career path. We aim to promote biomedical research findings to the broader public, particularly communicating health and science matters that specifically relate to Chinese-Australian community. We also look for translating our research findings from bench to bedside to improve the quality of life of patients in Australia as well as in the world. 

The AACBS is a relatively new organisation that was established in 2008. We hold regular seminars to discuss current research developments and promote health awareness, as well as social gatherings where members can connect with each other. In the annual meetings each year we have a variety of talks and presentations, as well as a number of prominent guests from the Chinese-Australian community. We welcome all scientists and students in the field of biomedical research to come join us. For more information and for membership enquiries, please contact our President A/Prof. Yong Li (, Vice-President Dr Belamy Cheung ( and Public Officer Dr Yanfei (Jacob) Qi (

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