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A/Prof. Xin-Ming Chen


Associate Professor Xin-Ming Chen

Sydney Medical School

The University of Sydney        



Dr Xin-Ming Chen is an Associate Professor and PhD supervisor at Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. Following completion of his PhD at La Trobe University in 1999, Dr Chen undertook postdoctoral training in University of Toronto and Johns Hopkins University 1999-2002 and then worked as Assistant Professor in Emory University in 2003. His primary research focus in US was to unravel the molecular mechanisms that regulate proliferation and differentiation of mammalian intestinal epithelial cells. Since returned to Australia, his research interest has been to improve the lives of patients with chronic kidney disease by: generating new knowledge about the cause of progressive kidney disease, developing new diagnostic tests to predict those who will develop kidney failure, discovering new medicines to prevent and treat kidney disease and bringing new tests and therapies to market with our industry colleagues. His research projects include repurposing of existing drugs to treat progressive kidney disease, testing novel anti-fibrotic agents to prevent and reverse chronic kidney disease, using nanoparticles to deliver therapeutic genes that target the kidney and developing blood and urinary markers to predict those who will develop kidney disease in people who have Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

To date, Dr Chen has independently supervised 9 PhD students to successful completion and currently supervise 3 PhD students; and Dr Chen has 79 research articles published in internationally peer-reviewed biomedical journals. Dr Chen regularly examine and review PhD thesis and research grant both nationally and internationally. Currently Dr Chen serve as an editorial board member of 8 biomedical journals.