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A/Prof. Qihan Dong MD. Ph.D

Qihan Dong MD. Ph.D

School of Science and Health

The University of Western Sydney

Ph: (02) 4620 3633

Fax: 02) 4620 3025


Associate Professor Dong’s team is investigating the mechanism of, and the way to prevent, cancer recurrence. Cancers are made up of both actively dividing and "resting" cancer cells. These “resting” (quiescent) cancer cells are thought to be central to recurrence,following elimination of cycling cells by chemo- or radio-therapies. With the significant increase in overall cancer survival time, how to prevent cancer recurrence has become a critically important issue. Based on the principle of efficacy, no toxicity and low cost, the team has examined the potential of compounds isolated from edible plant, citrus peel extract, and traditional Chinese medicine in blocking the transition from the “resting” to actively dividing cancer cells. 


Dr Dong was trained as a Physician in Shanghai Jiao-Tong University in 1983 but pursued a research career after being awarded PhD in 1992 at the University of Sydney. He continued as a Fogarty Fellow at the National Institutes of Health, USA. On returning to Sydney in 1996, he was appointed as the Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Cancer Biology Group, then, Principal Research Fellow in 2001. By invitation, Dong moved to the University of Western Sydney on July 2011 to take up tenure Associate Professorship. He remains an Honorary Associate Professor in the Medical School of the University of Sydney.Dong has 59 publicationswith total citations of 2,130.