2016 AACBS The Combined Annual General Meeting and the 10th Scientific Meeting was successfully held at St George Research and Education Centre on 16 Oct 2016.


Year 2015

Australian Association of Chinese Biomedical Scientists (AACBS)


                         Mosman Coastal Walk 2015

held on Oct 11, 2015



Australian Association of Chinese Biomedical Scientists (AACBS)

                         Annual General Meeting 2015


Will be held on Jul 19, 2015


Location:      The Level 4, Lowvy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW Australia.

                      High Street, Randwick, NSW 2031


Time:             1:00-4:15pm

Attendants:  AACBS members and all other Chinese Biomedical Scientists



Invited VIP Guests: Prof. Xiaojia Wang, Consul of Education Office, Sydney

                                  Mr. Wenwu Liu, Vice-Consul of Education Office, Sydney


Invited Speakers: 

Dr Joshua Mccarroll, Project Leader, Children's Cancer Institute, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, UNSW Australia

Dr Stephan Lelievre, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Dr Donna Lai, Senior Lecturer and Manager of Core Facility, Sydney Medical School, the University of Sydney, Australia

Dr Zhinong (Raymond) Wang, Novogene