2022 AACBS Annual Scientific & General Meeting will be held on 26 November 2022 at Club Central Hurstville. Program


Year 2014

23rd September

A PhD scholarship is available at St George and Sutherland Clinical School. Click here for application details.

19th September

Dr Lei (Nancy) Chang is studying at St Georg and Sutherland Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine University of New South Wales as a year-3 PhD candidate. Her research is focusing on investigating “Prostate cancer radioresistance and metastasis”. She has published multiple high-quality first author papers during her PhD study. Based on her research achievements, she was awarded “St George and Sutherland Clinical School Research Excellence Award-2014”.


18th August







18th July

Three AACBS senior members (俞镔、吴健民和屈贤琴) have been formally invited to 2014海外赤子北京行.

Associate Professor Bing Yu, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Dr Jianmin Wu, Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Associate Professor Xianqin Qu, UTS

1st June

Dr Jie (Kevin) Ni is a PhD candidate in his year 3 and is studying at St George and Sutherland Clinical School, University of New South Wales. His PhD project is to investigate the roles of CD326 (EpCAM) and CD44v6 in prostate cancer metastasis and chemo-/radioresistance.  Dr Lei (Nancy) Chang is a PhD candidate in her year 2 and is studying at St George and Sutherland Clinical School, University of New South Wales. Her PhD project is to investigate the mechanisms leading to development of prostate cancer radioresistance. Under the supervision of Associate Professor Yong Li, both Kevin and Nancy were awarded the overseas postgraduates’ scholarship from the Department of Education in 2013 for their outstanding achievements in cancer research. This is a very competitive award and a great success for both of them. Both of the students and their supervisor are the AACBS member. Let us stretch our arms to celebrate their achievements. Well done, Kevin and Nancy. Congratulations!!! See attacked photos for the award ceremony in the Chinese Education Group, Sydney.