2022 AACBS Annual Scientific & General Meeting will be held on 26 November 2022 at Club Central Hurstville. Program


Committee Members

The AACBS Committee is composed of 15-18 senior members, including six executive core members. Committee members are apponted according to their contribution to the organisation. The Committee members are resposible for strategsing direction of the organisation, voting for and against the Executive Core Committee members and heading the functional sectors of AACBS, e.g. academic subcommittee, social subcommittee, student subcommittee, regional branches. 

Current Committee Members (01/2020 - Present, listed in alphabetical order):

Belamy Cheung 

President of AACBS 

Principal Scientist, Children Cancer Institute Australia, UNSW Sydney

Bin Wang

Treasurer of AACBS

Senior Research Fellow, UNSW Sydney

Bing Wang

Professor of Physiology and Nutrition

Graham Centre, Charles Stuart University

Bing Yu

Former President of AACBS

Principal Scientist at Medical Genomics, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and NSW Health Pathology

Associate Professor, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney

Chao Deng

Representative of AACBS in Wollongong

Head, Antipsychotic Research Laboratory, Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute

Professor, School of Medicine, University of Wollongong

Fanfan Zhou

Associate Professor, Sydney Pharmacy School, University of Sydney

Jacob Qi

Vice-President of AACBS

Head, Lipid Cell Biology Laboratory,

Associate Faculty, Centenary Institute, University of Sydney

Johnson Liu

Senior Research Fellow, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW

Kevin Ni

Public Officer of AACBS

Research Officer, St George Hospital, UNSW Sydney

Lei Jin

Representative of AACBS in Newcastle

NHMRC Investigator Fellow

Laboratory Head, Hunter Medical Research Institute, University of Newcastle

Li Zhang

Senior Lecturer, School of BABS, UNSW Sydney

Qihan Dong

Former President of AACBS

Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Health,, University of Sydney

Sophia Gu

Secretary of AACBS Committee

Senior Lecturer, School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW Sydney

Xinming Chen

Associate Professor, Kolling Institute, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney

Xudong Zhang

Head, Cancer Research Program, Hunter Medical Research Institute

Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, University of Newcastle

Yanchuan Shi

Secretary-General of AACBS

Group Leader, Neuroendocrinology, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia

Yiping Wang

Former President of AACBS

Head, Social Subcommittee of AACBS

Senior Research Fellow, The Westmead Institute for Medical Research, University of Sydney

Yong Li

Honorary President of AACBS

Principal Scientist, St George Hospital

Professor, UNSW Sydney